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February Suggestion List

If you don't know what to read, watch, or listen to, you can feel free to consider our suggestions for you. Here is our suggestion list made just for you.

Welcome to our blog newbies. This is our first blog about books, movies, series, & songs; we would like to inform you a little.

We all have those moments when we can't find anything to watch, read, or listen to. At those moments we search for ideas but they don't always turn out how we want them to be.

So we are here to make some suggestions that, we hope, will make these choices easier for you. We will be trying to give you as many options as we can and every time there will be 2 options from different genres.

Well, let us begin then!

on this list, you can find dystopian romans, movies, series, and breakup/sad songs


  • 'Blindness' by José Saramago

* This is one of Saramago's most famous novels, it also made him receive the Nobel Prize (1998).

2nd book: Seeing

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Dystopia

Page: 288

Publication Date: 1997

Summary: A driver waiting at the traffic lights goes blind. An ophthalmologist tries to diagnose his distinctive white blindness but is affected before he can read the textbooks. It becomes a contagion, spreading throughout the city. Trying to stem the epidemic, the authorities herd the afflicted into a mental asylum where the wards are terrorized by blind thugs. And when fire destroys the asylum, the inmates burst forth and the last links with a supposedly civilized society are snapped. No food, no water, no government, no obligation, no order. This is not anarchy, this is blindness.

  • ‘Multiversum’ by Leonardo Patrignani

* It's the first book of the series 'Multiversum Saga'.

2nd Book: Memoria

3rd Book: Utopia

Genre: Young Adult/Dystopia/Fantasy

Page: 320

Publication Date: 2014

Summary: Alex and Jenny are sixteen. He lives in Milan; she, in Melbourne. For the past four years, they have glimpsed each other at random moments, while they are both unconscious — a telepathic communication that occurs without warning.

During one of these episodes, they manage to arrange a meeting. But on the day, though they are standing in the same place at the same time, each of them cannot see the other. This leads them to a startling discovery: they live in different dimensions. In Jenny’s world, Alex is someone else. And in Alex’s world, Jenny died at the age of six.

As they try to find each other, the Multiverse threatens to implode and disappear, but Jenny and Alex must meet — the future of the Earth depends on it.


  • City Of Ember

Based on the book written by Jeanne Duprau

Genre: Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopia

Runtime: 95 minutes

Production year: 2008

IMDB Score: 6.5/10

The city of Ember takes place in a dystopian future where people live in underground cities. For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker. Now, two teenagers in a race against time, must search Ember for clues that will unlock the ancient mystery of the city's existence, and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever.

You can watch the trailer from this link:


  • The Giver