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Spotted: I can't stop myself from rewatching Gossip Girl again and again. CW's successful tv show called "Gossip Girl" may have been full of drama but if we know something this show had one of the best clothes ever. We saw a lot of plot twists, tears, and broken hearts but most importantly beautiful combinations. And Blair Cornelia Waldorf, portrayed by Leighton Meester looked amazing all the time with her elegant rich, classy, and lady-like look style. In the show, Blair is the modern Mary Antoinette from Upper East Side. And of course, my favorite character was Blair. Her confidence, authority, perfectionism, and basically everything about her made me love her. Even though, she had her ups and downs her style was always boujee and elegant. Rich girl Blair's clothes were mostly from high-priced brands. Let's see what our chic character is wearing.

Using similar colors

by Alexa Mellardo via elite daily

Blair liked playing with the colors and as we see in this picture she made the color yellow pop.

"Aye Aye Captain"

by Kstephens via LOOK

Blair wears this beautiful blue captain dress with a white belt and tops off with a foulard, a straw hat, and a big red bag.

The Girl With The Beret

by Magaly Zepeda via dressingbrands

Wearing a chic green cape and a green, mustard wool brocade beret, Queen B looked stunning but she didn't just stop with that she wore a pair of wine red heels and we all once again remembered that she knows how to play with colors.

Dress As Your Icon

by anavranjes via weheartit

It’s not a surprise that Blair looks like Audrey Hepburn as her role model when it comes to style and fashion. This is just Blair's classic and feminine. We see Blair being Audrey Hepburn in her dream who doesn't want to be here anyway?

Not A Day Without A Headband

via coolspotters

Blair can't be Blair without her iconic headbands. And that striped headband looks amazing on her as usual. It's so hard to see her without a hairband and she has a different headband for every occasion. How does she place them perfectly? Well, here is your answer; she places them at least an inch back from the hairline. Now you know it, we can all have perfect hairbands.

Her Berets

via British Vogue

Blair cares a lot about her look and that includes headwear. Just like her headbands, she can't get enough of her berets. Not everyone call looks good with a beret but B rocks it.

2x22 Chuck: "Blair. I see you're wearing your beret. Who are we spying on tonight?"


Ladies and gentlemen, now you know how B's style is. Of course, I could have made this 100 pages and still wouldn't be enough to explain Queen B's amazing style but I hope you enjoyed and learned something. Now let's go SHOPPING!

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